How to Appropriately “Dress to Impress”

Dress Code: Tops

Whether you’re going to class, a networking event, or OCI, dressing well makes a huge first impression. Powder Blues, Navys, Blacks, and Whites are a must.

During my orientation back in August, a 3L said something that, at the time, sounded a little strange but was totally accurate. He said, “when in comes to fashion in the legal world, you stick out by fitting in.” I remember snickering to a friend I sat next to thinking what the heck is this dude saying!

Fast forward to one of the first diversity networking nights downtown and I was AMAZED at how inappropriate some of these girls were dressed! Maybe it’s that my El Salvadoran mom, who on top of her already conservative-Latin ways also worked at a high end retail store, was always telling me to make sure that I covered my thighs and had my skirt length reach my knees BUT that was not okay. Girls, I beg you, DO NOT wear sheer tops, short skirts, low plunged necklines, or tight fitting suits.

THIS IS NOT THE PLACE. STICK OUT BY FITTING IN. Wow your interviewer (because face it, everyone you meet at these cocktail receptions might as well be) by what you have to say. Do not let his or her first impression be a material one!

I found most of these on the Banana Republic website although some of them I’ve just gathered from Pinterest. Take a look at what you like, what fits you, and what fits in with the event.


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