Minimal Effort Salmon, Paleo

Now look, I like to pretend that I’m too busy but in reality, making this lunch or dinner is so easy, you can’t say you’re too busy to make it.

Here’s the Recipe!

1 salmon filet

1/2 tblspn ginger finely minced

Zest of half an orange

1/2 avocado, sliced vertically


Flaxseed oil

Sea Salt

Freshly Ground Pepper

Add the flaxseed oil to a medium, medium-high skillet.  Add the orange and ginger to the non skinned side of the salmon only.  Put a generous amount of  the coarse salt and pepper on the skin side.  Cook for about 8-10mins. It should be mostly pink with a tiny tiny strip of the raw pinky red.  Switch to a low amount while you’re adding in the avocado and spinach.  By the time you do this, it’ll have finished cooking without drying out.  Serve.





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