& Boston


We used to have a tumultuous relationship.  Growing up a Yankees Fan & being used to people signaling before they switch lanes (yes, this is a HUGE pet-peeve of mine), I had a feeling we weren’t going to get along.  But along came this funny thing called law school. And boy, did that help me change the way I saw you!  After all, what’s the perfect way to relax after a memo on sexual harassment or a property final  where the land you’re trying to sue is called Black-acre?  Sometimes a gal just needs to step away from the Law Library or from the local café where the waiters eventually know you’re just order a coffee as an excuse to sit for eight hours.  And when a Boston girl just needs to take a break, she can turn to so many amazing neighborhoods and districts!

From Allston to the Waterfront, there are tons of places to explore, each with their own distinct feeling  & taste (because let’s be real, this girl may be trying to look skinny/fit but she’s actually craving donuts).  So now that the year is over and summer is here to stay, well for another 2 months, I think our relationship will work out after all.  To prove that to my readers though, I’m going to take tons of photos and write some pretty awesome reviews of the places I’ve been in and around the good ole’ BOS.


The Law & Other Things


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